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Thundercloud is a visual studio creating creative content with top-tier talent, leading technologies, and a product mindset. We deliver the best in animation, visual effects, and interactive experiences without the traditional studio limitations.

We leverage talent from around the globe using a next generation hybrid-studio, digital workspace that can quickly adapt to the needs of our clients while focusing on cybersecurity.

We partner with clients in various industries such as: entertainment, film, fashion, luxury brands, lifestyle, and technology clients to tell engaging stories with beautiful reality. 

​Our services:

  • Award-Winning Visual FX

  • Award-Winning Feature Animation

  • Pre-Production and Visualization 

  • Media Production

  • AR/VR Mixed Reality Content

  • UX/UI and Consumer Experiences

  • Brand Consultancy

  • Advanced Brand Engagement

  • Ideation and Product Development

  • Advanced Brand Engagement

  • Enterprise Grade ROI

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Led by industry veterans and highly skilled talent, we are on the cutting edge of artistic vision and technological innovation used to create the highest quality visual effects.

We're made up of award-winning artists many of whom have worked on some of the world's most beloved and recognized feature animation franchises.

As a visual studio, we believe in story-driven technology and create compelling experiences in every medium, including AR, VR, and interactive UX.  

our team


TRACEY DISPENSA | Founder, Managing Director

Tracey Dispensa is the Managing Director of Cloud 10 Studios. Founded in 2018, she recently added Thunder Cloud to host Cloud 10 Studio’s high-end Visual Effects and Immersive Experience projects. As CEO, Tracey focuses on growth of the company with a mission to craft high-quality visuals within a secure digital business. She also works to build and leverage strategic technology partnerships to produce Thundercloud as a next generation visual studio.

Over her 20-years in the film and animation industry, she most recently served as Producer at Reel FX on feature film for Warner Brothers.  Prior experience includes: a decade of production management with DreamWorks Animation that delivered several feature films; ILM/Lucasfilm, leading multiple VFX projects including a number of immersive experience projects in conjunction with Disney Imagineering; and, led live action production with technology giant, Intel, through their internal creative agency.

She is an active member of the Producers Guild of America and contributes to the Council, representing Animation.


TOBIN JONES | Co-Founder, Visual and Creative Director

Tobin is in charge of the company's overall creative vision across feature film, television, animation, publishing, advertising, and product design. He has a passion for digital storytelling and a belief that next-generation technologies will allow for new types of immersive and personalized conversations. His vision also brings entertainment talent to enterprise and top-tier brands, providing unparalleled access to digital creatives.

Prior to Thundercloud, Tobin worked as an accomplished Visual FX Supervisor, Creative Director, and Technical Artist at Pixar, Dreamworks, ILM, ESC, and Giant Killer Robots. He has developed and executed award-winning designs in various media and lead teams on top-grossing projects and Oscar-winning films.


Since 2017 Tobin has also worked as a Visual Consultant and Product Strategist for the United States Geological Survey, Apple, Metromile, Integral Consulting, The City of Aspen, and The Rilington Group working on a variety of consumer products and public endeavors.


STUART LOWDER | Co-Founder, Executive Producer

With over 30 years experience managing creative functions in film, animation and visual effects production, Stuart is well known for building and managing highly productive and motivated creative teams and for designing production processes for creative work environments.  Stuart is responsible for the daily operation of the company utilizing his diverse background as an artist and seasoned Producer, while leveraging his vast studio operations experience.

Prior to Thundercloud, Stuart was producing with Warner Brothers on multiple top-tier development projects. Before Warner Brothers, Stuart worked with companies such as, Lucasfilm's ILM, Animal Logic Sydney, Motion Analysis Corp. and more.

Stuart has been instrumental in establishing a solid production process for Thundercloud and a key team player in the company's growth strategy.


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